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You've always wanted...

develop new products
you've always wished for.
make a contribution
by solving problems of others
solve social problems
in our ProBono campaigns
to draw attention to you,
if you're looking for a new job or a new customer
f.... have a lot of fun,
by earning credits and receiving rewards

Anyone can join!

You're creative? You are experienced? Are you a lateral thinker? Would you like to share your knowledge and get recognition for it?

Then you belong in our crowd!

The bigger our crowd, the more ideas we can collect.

Everyone is an expert somewhere - including you

You don't need a degree, a doctorate or a particular expertise. You don't have to detailed concepts, but simply share your thoughts and ideas, which will make the the company can then elaborate further.

Companies are delighted with every idea - in some cases, the more absurd, the better.

That's how it works!

Companies publish questions, ask for ideas, or request input on specific Topics - and exactly from you.

You like your idea? Then you will receive a reward as a thank-you and you will increase in the Ranking.

You submit your idea, your answer or your tip to the Company. No one else can see your idea.

You even have the best idea? Then you get on top a special reward

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Get personal feedback on each of your ideas!
Collect Credits and increase your Ranking and Level - the better your Ideas the more credits you get!
Even earn money bonuses for good ideas!
Your ideas will not be discussed in public - only you and the Question posers can see them!
It's worth it to join in, because you make the world a piece and have a lot of fun doing it.

Stell Dir vor…

which valuable contacts to companies you can establish with good ideas
how you can draw employers' attention to you in such a way
that you contribute to society and have fun at the same time.
Forget boring idea pools and suggestion boxes. Get feedback and recognition for your idea and collect rewards. Become the best idea writer in the country.
Imagine that, thanks to your creativity, an idea was developed that changed the world.
Become the spark for new ideas!