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Do you always have to have the best idea yourself?

Every day, companies and individuals face questions and challenges that they have to solve. In this ever faster world, ideas from others open up completely new possibilities.

Other people or other companies often have completely different views. They bring with them the willingness to deliver ideas and impulses that the company might never have come up with on its own.

We bring together those who share their knowledge and ideas with those who open up to these new impulses
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Who can search for ideas on

Individuals and small businesses
You have no or few employees. Thanks to the crowd, they still have access to the knowledge of millions - probably no better way than with FOX'em.
Medium-sized companies
Companies with up to 500 employees not only lift the gold in the heads of their own employees, but also draw on the special knowledge of institutes, universities and other experts.
You don't want to question the whole company, but only certain departments? This is also possible thanks to a concrete target group approach.
Municipalities and cities
Bürgern einer Stadt ist daran gelegen, in einer attraktiven Umgebung zu leben - sie beteiligen sich nur allzu gerne an der Gestaltung.
Educational establishments
What almost inexhaustible creativity and variety of ideas can be expected from students or lecturers?
The best way to get a good idea is to get a lot of ideas.
Linus Pauling, zweifacher amerikanischer Nobelpreisträger, 1901-1994
Does it make more sense...

...ask one person or thousands?

...getting one idea or being able to choose from dozens? develop all ideas in management alone or to question those who are very close to the action - your own customers and employees?

Who can deliver the ideas?
Where do the ideas come from?

They come from the biggest brain in the world.
Next your employees we speak specifically to customers, expert networks and Universities Target Groups and multilingualism make it possible people all over the world, eine Idee zu Ihrer Frage einzureichen.
employees hebt das Gold in den Köpfen Ihrer Mitarbeiter
Niemand kennt Ihr Unternehmen so gut, wie Ihre Mitarbeiter – hebt dieses Potential.
Recognition, a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose drives employees to top performances
customers and suppliers
Get regular valuable input from your customers and suppliers
External view of your company
People who are very close to your company
Reduction of the threshold to give concrete feedback
FOX‘em expert crowd
Expert networks are at your disposal if required
Think Tanks
Business owners
Research scientists
Everyone - without exception!
Lateral thinkers and creative people with an interest in challenges
Retired persons
Workers and employees,
regardless of status, age, disability, gender, religion, origin, country