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You face questions and challenges every day,,
but not always a suitable answer?

Viele Menschen haben genau die großartige Idee, die Sie weiterbringen könnte.

Tell us, from whom you would like to have impulses and we will search for the suitable idea authors for you.

The complete administration, communication to the idea author, the feedback, maintaining motivation and payment transactions is done by us for you.

The driver of innovation is your company!

Our society must constantly innovate. Without innovation there can be no progress, without progress no future. The drivers of innovation are companies. The initiators of innovation are people. We want to bring people and companies together in order to to give great ideas the chance to be implemented for the benefit of all.

That's how it works!

Describe the situation and ask your question

Formulate your challenge in a briefing and a question. Add texts, videos or pictures.

Define target group

Who should see your question - only your employees, certain target groups, or the worldwide crowd?

Review ideas

You will be notified when new ideas of the crowd to your question arrive.

Rate ideas

Look at the ideas. Accept and reward good ideas and evaluate their quality.

Implement ideas

Choose the best idea and implement it with your team. We are happy to accompany you with our Innovators Institute.

Try it now - free of charge and without risk!

EMPLOYEES: Unlimited free for up to 9 employees.
CROWD: 3 free test campaigns to the worldwide crowd.
NO RISK: You only pay for accepted ideas.
HIGH CONFIDENTIALITY: Switch campaigns anonymously and discreetly.


You get ideas that you would otherwise have overlooked.
You get ideas that your competition has overlooked so far
Your employees, customers and suppliers will be integrated into your Innovation processes included
Imagine that thanks to the creativity of your own employees or the global crowd achieve a breakthrough that will shape the future of the company. of your company for years to come. - Your spark for new ideas!